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Since 1958, PETAR is a formal state tourist area that covers two cities - Iporanga and Apiaí. It is considered as Unesco Natural Heritage. It is part of the Atlantic Rain Forest Biosphere Reserve, for its well preserved area. PETAR has more than 300 cataloged caves, twelve of which are prepared for public visitation. To visit Petar, you should choose one of four centres - Santana, Ouro Grosso, Casa de Pedra e Caboclos.

Visitation centers

The combination of Caves and preserved Atlantic Forest provides a wide range of activities. To better serve tourists, four visitation centers were created for those visiting PETAR: Santana, Ouro Grosso, Casa de Pedra and Caboclos. In these places, the visitor will find all the necessary information to explore the caves, take trails through the forest, bathe in the waterfalls and much more.
Get to know the 4 cores:


Santana Center

Main center for visitation, you have many tours option. Trails to Couto, Andorinhas and Betarizinho waterfalls and many other trails in the middle of the Atlantic Rain Forest.
Visit up to five caves:
• Caverna de Santana
• Caverna do Morro Preto
• Caverna do Couto
• Caverna da Água Suja
• Caverna do Cafezal

Ouro Grosso Center

Nearest center from our logde, you can visit a traditional museum and Casa da Farinha, besides two more Cave:
• Caverna do Ouro Grosso
• Caverna do Alambari de Baixo

Casa de Pedra (Stone House) Center

In this center, you will find Casa de Pedra cave, registered in the Guinness Book as the largest cave portico in the world, with approximately 705 feet high. Visiting this cave is not yet allowed, but the visitor can take the trail to the portico. It is approximately 3 hours-walk filled with lush landscapes.

Caboclos Center

This center is between Iporanga and Apiaí cities. There is three caves tô visit:
• Caverna Tememina
• Caverna Desmoronada
• Caverna Pescaria


NOTICE: to visit any caves is required a local monitor. You need to hire one that is authorized.
See our local tour operators that works with us. We recommend them.

Trails & Sports

We are surranded by different kinds of outdoor activities like: trekking, mountain bike, trip trail, canyoning, SUP, rappel, tubing, kayak and rafting.



History, Culture & Gastronomy

Although the communities of Iguape and Cananéia had already existed since the 16th century, the rich history of Vale do Ribeira intensifies in the beginning of the 17th century, with the rush for gold. The intense fluvial flow in the Ribeira de Iguape River marked the emergence of several Quilombola villages and communities. Throughout the region, visitors can easily find ceramics, wood carvings, natural fiber products, handcrafted food and beverages and many other delicacies.


Local Tour Operators

There’s no need to explore on your own: our super-friendly partners can help you to choose the best tour for you. If you need any help to call a local tour operator, ask our staff for a help. We are ready to call one of them to take you on a tour.

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